Jarek Lustych

East meets West

At down, the shadow of a tree points its top towards west. At twilight it's the shadow of the next tree that streches out the same place. A double spirale was built between the two trees. A low wall, made of plied up grey limestones, draws two lines wich entwine in a spieal where the two shadows meet, as a projection of this meeting. This calls to mind the idea that man always tends to create what nature can't, and also that daybreaks and sunsets punctuate our lives in a perpetual and repetitiv cycle. Each part of the structure, dawn and twilight, stones, the trees, are everlasting elements of nature. The spiral itself is one of oldest desings used by man. And yet, the sculpture itself, made of uncut stones piled up with no binder inside, will only last the time of a human life. It was added to the landscape as a mark of mankind. nd at the same time it fits into the surrounding landscape. It is made of the same material as the neightbouring houses. The distinct but soft lines won't disturb the medow peace, nor the outline of the branches in the old appletrees. Shadows and lights will appear at any trime of the day over the stony shapes, showing and establishing the meaning of this structure. It was created by man and natura naturans.
Urszula Makowska